What is the Peak Power Savers® Smart Thermostat Program?

The Smart Thermostat Program uses smart technology to reduce energy use on the days when energy demand is highest. 

With a smart thermostat and the Smart Thermostat Program, it’s easy to:

 - Get rewards ($75 when you enroll and $25 after each season you participate).
 - Effortlessly reduce energy use for a few key hours during Energy Savings Events.
 - Join others in your community in keeping energy available and affordable, and protecting the planet for Michigan’s future generations.

Really hot or cold days create heavy demand on the energy grid, and getting energy to everyone who needs it can become inefficient and expensive. To prevent this, on select hot days in the summer or cold days in the winter, we’ll schedule an Energy Savings Event. You'll be enrolled in the season you qualify based on your fuel type with Consumers energy. To learn more see 'How do I know I am eligible to participate?

On event days in the winter, we’ll keep you comfortable by heating your home before the event starts. Then, during the event, we’ll lower your thermostat settings by a few degrees to save energy. On event days in the summer, we’ll cool your home before the event and then raise your thermostat settings by only a few degrees during the event. (Remember, we’ll only make thermostat adjustments on event days, and never at any other time.)

After the event, your temperature settings will return to normal. You’ve successfully reduced your carbon footprint and helped keep energy costs more affordable, without ever lifting a finger. 

We appreciate your participation in the program, so to thank you, we’ll send you a $25 Consumers Energy Prepaid Mastercard® at the end of each season you participate!

Last Update: March 5, 2019

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